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ILoveNature.Photos – The Story

As a young girl growing up in Seoul Korea, Young spent her summers frolicking through the farm fields on Yeouido Island collecting leaves for her grammar school assignments.


On the agricultural half of the island Young discovered a variety of vegetation. While her older brother Sunny would munch on the raw peanuts, Young would gather leaves from the different plants. Back home, she would press the leaves in the Seoul phone book in preparation for her class project presentation.


As Young reflects back upon her childhood in Seoul, she realizes that she always had a passion for nature. She was fascinated with anything growing wild. Young loved “getting into the dirt” or “climbing trees” while tagging along with Sunny and his friends.


Today Young discovers that the beauty of nature can be found anywhere… in the grocery store floral shop, in the landscape around her office complex, or on a walk to her neighborhood park. Spend time with Young and you will find that there is no direct route from Point A to Point B. As you walk together, Young will be in search of the next gift of nature to be captured on her CANON 7OD set on macro mode.


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